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El desfile 'anti Victoria's Secret' que da alas a la diversidad

Un 'fashion show' para representarnos a todas.

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Bajo el movimiento ‘body positive’, enemigo absoluto de una imagen impuesta, las hermanas Alyse y Lexi Scaffidi han recreado el desfile de Victoria’s Secret con mujeres con distintos tipos de cuerpo, edad y color. La finalidad es reivindicar el reconocimiento de la diversidad del cuerpo y la aceptación del mismo, y nos encanta.


The BEST advice I was ever told by @iisuperwomanii on @lewishowes School of Greatness podcast was to “BE YOURSELF.” . - Click the link in my bio to watch the FULL VIDEO of our recreation of the @victoriassecret fashion show with 20 women of ALL shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and setbacks!! 💜 . . . . . . . @selfmagazine @allure @teenvogue @glamourmag @voguemagazine @theellenshow @elvisduranshow @abcnews @cbs_philly @fox29philly @womenshealthmag @shape @seventeen @hollywoodlifefashion @huffpostwomen @refinery29 @refinery29fashion @girlboss @sophiaamoruso @pink @ddlovato @ladygaga @1stphorm @bebodyaware @dailymail @bodyimagemovement @domcuch @zachmatari @bitesizedfitness @sierabearchell @any.body_co @buffbunny @amandabucci @therock @theashleygraham @theashleygraham @gabifresh @heymichellelee @laurenscruggs @bella__weems @heathermonahan #bodyconfidence #victoriassecret #GlamourWOTY #women #loveyourself #beyourself #power #love #angel #vsangel #fashion #fashionshow #vsfashionshow #love #photography #instagood #video #loveyourbody #beyou #makeup #ootd #life #instagram #like4like #likeforlike #bedifferent #bodyconfidencefashionshow

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"Realmente se nos ocurrió la idea durante el VS Fashion Show del año pasado. Queríamos ser ángeles, pero sabíamos que eso no sería posible", dijo Alyse para el Huffington Post. Y no es posible porque no existe una versión única de belleza. Tanto es así que el director de marketing de Victoria’s Secret, Edward Razik, aseguró el año pasado que únicamente 100 mujeres en el mundo, e incluso menos, tienen el potencial para convertirse en un ángel.

Pero lectora, las cosas están cambiando. Las redes sociales dieron a luz a este movimiento que huye de la imagen preestablecida, que crece a golpe de ‘like’ y que, pese a llevar pocos años, progresa adecuadamente. Para ejemplo, Ashley Graham, la modelo ‘curvy’ que se ha colado en el top 10 de las mejor pagadas del mundo, según Forbes, y que, al igual que el desfile ‘anti Victoria’s Secret’, utilizó sus armas (de retoque digital) para ensombrecer el show.


Got my wings! 🦋💐🌈😜 .. my #AdditionElle wings! #thickthighssavelives

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Las hemanas Scaffidi, estadounidenses, se pusieron en contacto con mujeres con discapacidad, sobrevivientes de cáncer, chicas de diferentes tallas… Estas aceptaron y el proyecto salió adelante.


At just 11 years old @tessnyder was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (a form of bone cancer). The only thing that could save her life was to amputate her leg above the knee and she did just that. . - Imagine being in 5th grade and learning of this diagnosis. (What would you do, how would you feel?) . - Imagine not being able to go to school the next year due to your surgery/chemo and then arriving back the following year and getting made fun of because you lost all your hair and walked with a limp. . - Just because this woman lost her leg from cancer doesn’t limit her ability to do anything and live a normal life. . - Now she is happily married to @caseyvsnyder and has 2 adorable kids! . - If you’re struggling in a situation similar to Tessa’s don’t give up or let the bullies bring you down. Dream big, think positive, and know others out there are on your side!! . - We were fortunate to have had this beautiful soul in our recreation of the #victoriassecret fashion show!🙏🏻💜 (click the link in my bio to watch👆🏼) . . . . . . 📷: @shostikiraphotography @tangiblelittlemoments #cancersucks #17yearscancerfree #fightcancer #cancer #nevergiveup #youwillbeokay #fashion #fighter #selflove #loveyourself #loveyourbody #bodyconfidence #vsangel #angel #victoriassecret #model #njmodel #amputeemodel #osteosarcoma #strongwomen #bitesizedfitness #brave #inspiration #strong #bedifferent #wcw #wce #loveher

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SWIPE 👈🏻!! WARNING: Some of the images may be graphic, but it’s real life and she’s one of my heroes so it needs to be shown!! . - 3 and a half years ago, 23 year old, @julie_kramer was diagnosed with stage 4 synovial sarcoma (aka rare form of soft-tissue cancer) . - TODAY Julie is cancer FREE and has literally kicked cancer in the ASS! . - If you people think I’m a positive person, Julie is 1000 times more positive and upbeat them I am even after she went through hell and back. . - She’s literally a ray of light that shines all day everyday. (oh and her fiancé @marty_finch is pretty AWESOME too!) . - We were fortunate to have Julie walk as an angel in our body confidence fashion show and she literally killed it!! (I know, she looks like a real @victoriassecret angel right!?!) . - I LOVE this fierce warrior whom I met a few months ago so much!🖤 She is one of the STRONGEST women I know and I have followed her journey since she made it on the @theellenshow a few years back due to her incredible fight! . - CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO WATCH THIS GIRL SLAY THE RUNWAY!! . - Lastly, I leave you with this message from Julie herself ~ “I never thought I took life for granted until I was diagnosed. To be able to see life in a totally different aspect now is incredible and I feel so alive! Life is way too short people. Make sure you don’t sweat the small stuff and do things that truly make you happy! And if you’re ever feeling doubtful of yourself, just remember - life is tough...but so are YOU!” ✨💪🏻#nevergiveup #cancersucks #yolo . . . . #iloveyou #strongwoman #wcw #inspiration #love #gorgeous #victoriassecret #model #angel #synovialsarcoma #cancer #strong #life #happy #smile #vsangel #battle #warrior #selflove #scars #bodyconfidence #fashion #fashionshow #ellen #news #instagram #photography

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One of the beautiful angels that walked in our anti-Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was @jill_ilana !💜 . - @jill_ilana was born an achondroplastic dwarf (the most common of the 300+ types) and is 3”11. . - But being a little person doesn’t hold back this AMAZING individual from living a normal life. . - Something inspiring Jillian said before was that, "I will never know what it’s like to buy a pair of pants that fit me, use all of the gym equipment without difficulty, or walk anywhere without pointing and stares. . - But that’s OKAY. . - Being a dwarf hasn’t stopped me from going to school, driving a car, traveling the world, and overcoming any obstacle that comes my way. And it will NEVER stop me! 👊🏻 . - Quit complaining and start appreciating all that you are blessed with! (click the link in my bio to watch the entire fashion show!👠🧚🏼‍♀️) . . . . . . . . 📷: @shostikira @tangiblelittlemoments #nevergiveup #angel #victoriassecret #fashionshow #littlepeople #dwarf #model #glamour #instagood #beyourself #bedifferent #runway #dreams #photography #victoriassecretfashionshow #girls #happy #life #smile #inspiration #inspire #workhard #neversaynever #yahoo #buzzfeed #refinery29 #perfectlyme #confidentlybeautiful #women #beyoutiful

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"Recrear el desfile de VS fue nuestra oportunidad para hacer realidad el sueño de 21 chicas de ser un ángel, y en el proceso, esperamos inspirar confianza corporal entre otras mujeres. No se trata de celebrar la obesidad o la anorexia, se trata de alejarse de una mirada estereotípica de lo que es bello y celebrar quién eres como persona, no como un cuerpo", han asegurado a los medios Alyse y Lexi Scaffidi.

El ‘anti Victoria’s Secret’, ha resultado un éxito y las hermanas Scaffidi ya planean organizar otro desfile el año que viene y destinar lo recaudado a una ONG.